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The Happy Stitcher

Click on the heart to see some of my projects

Welcome to "The Happy Stitcher". 
Please feel free to have a look around. 
I've created two "Hints And Tips" pages - one for complete beginners and another which I hope will be useful for everyone.
The "Gallery" is of my recent projects and I hope to submit some pictures from members in the near future.
The "Jokes and Poems" section is really still under construction.  If you have any funny stories, jokes, poems or just want to share something with us all, please email me and I'll put it in that section with a reference.
The "Links" section will be in two parts - one for Cross-Stitch related things and the other just for fun stuff.  If you would like a link to your site or would like to recommend somewhere then just let me know.
Please sign the Guestbook, adding any comments or suggestions regarding the website - and don't forget to check out the forum.  It will be a great place for us fellow stitchers to swap ideas and get to know each other better.
Updates will be a couple of times a month - possibly more if the site proves to be popular.
Happy Stitching!

My favourite cross-stitch project


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"The Happy Stitcher"


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